BendBroadband connects you with the best Internet, TV and phone services in Central Oregon.

We’ll set you up fast and hassle-free so you can jump right in to exploring the place we’ve called home for over 60 years. There’s a lot to love here: a vibrant local community, endless trails, thriving local businesses, and great food and beer.

Now that we’re neighbors, count on our local team of experts to provide you with reliable and affordable Internet, TV and phone.

Who are we?

BendBroadband has been a vital part of Central Oregon since 1955. We employ 300 local people, give back to our community by supporting local non-profits and programs, and are investing in our infrastructure so we can continue to serve the region for years to come.

Areas we serve


Crooked River Ranch


La Pine








Internet speed for all needs

Whether you surf the Web occasionally, spend hours streaming movies or play games online, BendBroadband keeps you connected. Choose from download speeds starting at 100Mbps.

The ultimate television experience

With hundreds of channels, stunning HD and the Alpha DVR multi-room solution, BendBroadband delivers the best TV, movies and music to your home. Choose from a variety of packages that suit your interests.

Clear, reliable phone service

BendBroadband offers affordable local and long-distance phone plans with advanced calling features that meet your needs. 

Compare packages and check availability to see what BendBroadband can do for you.

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