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TDS Wi-Fi+ gives you the power of mesh technology to enjoy a smarter home Wi-Fi experience. Connected devices receive the strong signal they need throughout your whole home, thanks to incredibly reliable, expansive wireless coverage. Plus, the app helps you optimize your connection and control your network, right from your smart device.

TDS Wi-Fi+ increases capacity for routing your Wi-Fi signal. Beacons plug into regular wall outlets and can be strategically placed throughout your home, so you’ll receive strong Internet coverage while minimizing frustrating dead spots, slow spots, or drop-offs.

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TDS Wi-Fi+ Simply Smarter Whole-Home Wi-Fi

With TDS Wi-Fi+, you’ll enjoy optimized connectivity for all your wireless devices, better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, and easy management of your Wi-Fi network. And it all comes with the comfort of knowing you have dedicated support from our team of Wi-Fi experts.

Feel the power of mesh technology

TDS Wi-Fi+ by eero

Extend your network’s range with TDS Wi-Fi+ powered by eero, giving you a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection. You’ll have the powerful signal and range you need to stream, work, and play throughout your home. Standard TDS Wi-Fi+ installation includes two eero devices, which, together, can provide coverage up to 3,000 sq. ft. in an optimal setting. However, building construction materials and layout may affect coverage capabilities, so we recommend extending your coverage area if you have more than 2,500 sq. ft. to cover. Each eero can expand your wireless footprint by up to 1,500 sq. ft. in an ideal setting, but we recommend adding one for every 1,000 sq. ft. beyond your initial 2,500 sq. ft. coverage area.

Phone Controls

Total network control in the palm of your hand

The Wi-Fi app helps you optimize and strengthen the Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. Plus, you can manage every aspect of your TDS Wi-Fi+ network, right from your smartphone.

You control access to your network

Manage access to your Wi-Fi network instantly at the device level, and set a schedule that limits Internet access on certain devices to specific times of the day. Whether it’s homework time or story time, you’re in control of your household’s Wi-Fi access. Plus, you can block suspicious devices trying to access your network.

Help your guests feel at home

Create a separate, secure guest network to provide visitors with Internet access, without giving them access to your private network and its connected devices.

Instant network info at your fingertips

Get fast, easy access to information about the Internet speed your home is receiving from TDS, which devices are connected, and details to help you strategically place Beacons in order to optimize connectivity.

Wi-Fi Devices

Experience the TDS Wi-Fi+ Advantage

Unlike many “big box” stores, our goal is for you to enjoy the best Wi-Fi experience possible, from point of purchase throughout your use of the product.

Installation is fast and incredibly easy

Self installation is simple (it likely won’t take you more than 15 mintues). The Base Station and Beacon(s) are painless to set up, and connecting your devices to Wi-Fi+ is a breeze. Professional installation is also available, for those who prefer to have a TDS technician set up TDS Wi-Fi+.

Free yourself from worry with our monthly subscription

Buying new Wi-Fi equipment can be expensive! With TDS, there’s no large up-front equipment cost. Plus, a monthly subscription gives you the agility to easily add Beacons (for an additional charge), or upgrade when the next big thing in Wi-Fi comes along.

Access to technical support from our team of Wi-Fi experts is built into your subscription. Help is just a call —or web chat— away: Mon.–Fri. 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (MT) and Sat. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MT).

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See TDS Wi-Fi+ in Action

Watch this video to learn even more about mesh technology and everything you can do with TDS Wi-Fi+ in your home.

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TDS Wi-Fi+: Wi-Fi+ service includes base station and one (1) Beacon. Additional Beacon(s) are available for an additional monthly fee. All troubleshooting of PCs, mobile devices, and home-network components is done over the phone, online chat, or remote Internet session. Home visits are not offered as part of this service. TDS does not guarantee Wi-Fi+ support can solve all problems. Other internet equipment may be required and normal fees apply. In-home installation fee of $49.95 applies when self-install is available. Handling fee may apply. Requires BendBroadband Internet Service.